Yummy Eats

Smoothie Popsicles

smoothie popsicle collage blogI love being outside and I truly believe that the best place for a kid to be is in the great outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, we have our share of indoor days but most of the time I do my best to get Baby Z and myself outside everyday. This afternoon Baby Z woke up from his nap at his great grandparents house and we ceaselessly tried to amuse him in the living room to no avail. That’s when we decided to throw on our coats and shoes and head outside. He was a completely different kid! Baby Z perked right up, began exploring and laughing and just having the time of his life reaffirming for me that being out in the fresh air is the best thing for him.


Greek Yogurt Dots

greek yoogurtBaby Z and I spent the entire day outside the house which was great but by the time we got home Z was cranky and hungry and I hadn’t made his dinner yet. As I rushed around the house trying to make his dinner, feed the dog, answer the phone…typical mom stuff he did not wait patiently. Then I remembered I still had some frozen yogurt dots in the freezer and I plopped him in the highchair, placed a few on his tray and breathed a sigh of relief when he quieted down.


Homemade Goldfish Crackers

goldfish.jpegBaby Z and I have been attending a class at our local library and during snack time he was introduced to goldfish crackers for the first time and loved them. So last week I was grocery shopping and I passed the cracker aisle and those cute little fish caught my eye. They even had coloured goldfish that were naturally flavored!!!



Frozen Applesauce Bites

applesauce dotsThe idea for these frozen applesauce bites was of course from Pinterest but it wasn’t me who found it for once. This time it was my mother (Baby Z’s grandma) who was midnight Pinteresting, so thanks mom for the great Pin. I was especially keen to make these as baby Z’s first tooth is finally on its way and I knew something cold would help sooth his poor sore gums



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