Hammering for Little Ones

Baby Z loves cause and effect toys and learning what happens when he does something around the house. For example he loves to take the covers off the vents and drop things down them (not so wonderful) so I started thinking about some activities to really foster that desire in him. On Baby Z’s first b-day his great-grandpa made him a busy board (I’ll write a whole post about this soon) and included a little hammer of sorts so I decided to do something with that.

photo (1)

I have a whole bunch of foam rectangle things (the ones used for fake flowers) that we use for crafts. I took some nails we had out in the garage and pushed them into the foam block. Then I handed Baby Z the hammer and showed him what to do. Once he saw how it worked he got right into it and just loved watching the nails be pushed down. This is ABSOLUTELY and activity that must be supervised as nails are dangerous and little ones can be very injured by them.

photo (2)

I run a dayhome and have found this activity a great distraction for younger kids when the older ones are trying to do something that they can’t participate in. I actually keep one ready for any moment and find it a fantastic mommy trick!!!!


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