Whipping Cream Play

“Try whipping cream, no sugar.” That was the email I received from my mother shortly after she read my last post about shaving cream play and how Baby Z kept trying to eat it. Brilliant, I thought, now why didn’t I come up with that? So today I picked up some whipping cream (real whipping cream, not the sugary redi-whip stuff) for our next fun activity. I used my electric mixer to turn about 2 cups into delightfully whip cream (sans any sugar) and then added some peppermint extract (just for something a little different). When I was done I divided up the whip cream and added food colouring, making a variety of colours. I spooned all the whip cream into a container and added some dinosaurs again to make a little dino world before cleaning up.

whipping cream play

Of course Baby Z was sans clothing when I placed the bin in front of him and he dove right in. I’m not sure what he loved about the whip cream but he squished his little hands in it, mixed it all up and never tried to eat it. I even placed a little bit on his lip to entice him to try it and he turned his head away which was weird because he never ever refuses any food. I am wondering now if it was the peppermint extract that made him not want to eat it? Nevertheless I found it amusing that I had to keep him from eating shaving cream and couldn’t get him to eat the edible whip cream alternative. In the end though he did exactly what I wanted him to do and when he was good and messy and had played for quite some time I took the bin away and he was quite upset with me.

This is a great alternative to shaving cream play for younger ones who still put everything in their mouths. It was a hug hit with Baby Z who is almost 10 months and can have dairy.


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