Shaving Cream Play

Rain. I used to love rainy days when I could sleep in, stay in my PJ’s and curl up with a good book but when you have a little one at home it certainly changes things. Rain means being stuck inside and Baby Z and I get so very bored when we are inside but that brings out the fun play ideas. We did quite a few of the old play activities I have already written about on this blog but a new one that we tried was shaving cream play. Baby Z is almost 10 months old and I think he was a little bit young for this activity. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and played with it for quite some time but he still puts things in his mouth and this was not something that belonged there. It would be best to do this activity with children who are passed the “putting everything in your mouth” stage and who understand basic requests.

All you will need for this activity is:

  • A container
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Colouring

I emptied a travel bottle of shaving cream into a bin and added some drops of food colouring, swirling it around to mix it. I also added some plastic dinosaurs to the  bin to make a dinosaur world. Then I striped Baby Z down to his diaper, grabbed a towel and placed the bin in front of him in a place that was easy to clean (foam mats).  He started off by tentatively placing his finger in the bin but soon began excitedly squishing it around and soon it was flying all over – even getting into his hair. He absolutely loved the shaving cream and was rather upset when I took it away. As I mentioned though I did have to stop him from eating it on a few occasions so I would recommend it for slightly older kiddos.

shaving cream play collage

Although this was messy it took very little time to clean up – I simply wiped Baby Z down with a towel, did the same to the area around the bin and cleaned the bin in the sink. The food colouring did not stain his hands but I think that’s because I mixed it up myself instead of letting him mix it together.

I love messy play and keeping the little one happy on a rainy day.


2 thoughts on “Shaving Cream Play

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  2. Hi,
    I love your creativity.
    I was wondering at what age you recommend doing the different activities?
    Thanks so much.

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