Sensory Balloons

The sun has finally come out but sadly we have an outdoor water use/unnecessary indoor use ban in our city so all my fun outdoor activities and water activities are on hold for the moment. In addition, mosquitos are out in full force so sadly we didn’t spend anytime in our backyard. So during Baby Z’s afternoon nap I set out to find something fun to do inside and I found this post for sensory balloons. I had all the items needed in my house already and it required almost no work to put together.

All you need is some balloons and then whatever you have in your pantry. I raided my own pantry looking for items that were all different textures and came up with these items:

  • cornmeal
  • salt
  • rice
  • red lentils
  • Panko breadcrumbs

I used a funnel to get all the items into the balloons and then I added a little bit of air to a few of them (so they made noise when shaken) then tied them up and they were ready to go.  I used different coloured balloons for each one so I could also use this opportunity to talk about colours with Baby Z.sensory balloons

Before I even gave the sensory balloons to Baby Z I really enjoyed squishing them – they were like multi-textured stress balls. When I did give them to Baby Z he played with them for a very long time which made me very happy. He squished each one, shook them, put them in his mouth, practiced throwing them and really enjoyed them. You could break the balloons and dump the ingredients back into their respective containers when you are finished or you could keep them in your toy box for later use like we did.

This was a great activity and so so very easy. I was really surprised how much Baby Z liked these sensory balloons.

Note: Please supervise your little ones when doing this activity. If the balloons broke they could pose a choking hazard.


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