Paint In A Bag

Today was not a day for messy play. Throughout this last week I have been slowly but surely getting our house re-organized and thoroughly deep cleaned. Since Baby Z was born we have had a lot “stuff” accumulate in our home and that has meant clutter and it drives me bonkers. We bought a new hot water heater today (we’ve been meaning to replace ours since we moved in) so that meant we needed to clean out the utility room for the installers. Yesterday I did a major cleaning of the playroom and spare bedroom in the basement and now that the utility room is clean/organized we have a whole level of our house that is super clean, organized and clutter free – yipee!

So when I was planning today’s activity I only looked for clean NOT messy play ideas (I’ll resume messy play once the house is completely organized). That’s when this post caught my eye – paint in a ziplock bag. It was simple, looked fun and did not create a mess. I had some paints in our craft drawer so I used those (you could absolutely make your own) and I squeezed one colour each into large ziplock bags and sealed them. Then I put blank sheets of paper on the floor, laid the ziplock bag over top and taped the bag to the floor. Voila – I was done my part, now for Baby Z to explore.

paint in a bag collage

He was very excited to play with the paints at first but sadly they did not keep his attention for very long. He drew lines just like I’d hoped at first but became easily distracted. I drew letters and shapes in the paints and talked to Baby Z about what I was drawing and what colours he was seeing. It did peak his interest, but not for a prolonged period like I had hoped. Baby Z is 9 months old and I think this activity would be great for other 9 month olds but it wasn’t my little guys favorite. I will certainly try it again as he gets older because I thought of so many great learning opportunities with this for older kids. Here’s a list of ones to try:

  • Draw shapes in the paint and ask your child to point out the square/circle/triangle etc
  • Draw letters and have your child retrace them to practice how to write letters
  • Have your child identify letters by drawing them in the paint
  • Put more than one colour in the bag and get your child to combine them to learn what colour is made
  • Make hand prints and footprints

I really enjoyed playing with the paints and even the dog came to check it out and we made paw prints in the paint. It’s a really neat activity, but for Baby Z we may have to wait a little longer to try it again.


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