Glow In The Dark Bath

I am on a bit of a bath time fun kick these days and I’ve been thinking about fun activities to do in the tub. I was at Michael’s the other day and they had packages of glow in the dark bracelets for $0.50 so I picked some up thinking I could find some sort of use for them.  That’s when I came up with the brilliant idea of using them in the bath, sadly I searched online and I am far from the first person to think of this (I probably saw it previously on Pinterest).

glow in the dark bath collage

When it was time for a bath I filled the tub, cracked all the glow sticks and made them into bracelets before tossing them in. I turned the lights off but left the door open so I could properly see Baby Z and then I put him in the bath. The bath water lit up with all the different colours and he fished out all the different glowing bracelets. It didn’t take him long to learn that the bracelets could be undone to become sticks.If you have ever played with glow-stick bracelets or necklaces you know they connect together with small piece of plastic – please be very vigilant to ensure your little ones do not get these in their mouths.

This activity was really great for talking about colours, grouping them, counting and talking about shapes (circles and lines). If your little ones are learning a second language like Baby Z this is also a great opportunity to use both words. This was really fun and the first time that we have used anything glowing with Baby Z and I think we will be doing more of it from now on.

Note: Always always supervise kiddos in the bathtub. When we take bathtime pictures DH is always there so one of us can give Baby Z our undivided attention while the other takes pictures.


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