Tub Paints

I have very fond memories of bath time as a kid. I remember coloured water, fun toys and bathtub paints – oh I loved playing with paints in the tub – probably because I felt like I was making a mess when I was supposed to be getting clean. Of course what I didn’t know was tub paints not only get the one playing with them clean but they also clean the tub in the process!

Baby Z and I spent the morning at the pool and when we got home we had a bath together to get all the chlorine off. I poured some bubbles in the tub and a little bit of the red liquid spilled on the side of the tub grabbing Baby Z’s attention right away. He rubbed his hands in it making squiggly lines all over the tub and never once tried to eat it. That’s when I realized he was ready for tub paints! I quickly did a search online for tub paint recipe’s and found this one:
•1/3 cup baby shampoo per paint color
•1 tablespoon cornstarch per paint color
•Food coloring

I placed blobs of the paint on the side of the tub before putting baby Z in (for safety reasons) and when everything was ready I grabbed the final and most important ingredient – my little man!

tub paint collage

Even as I lifted him into the tub he had his eyes fixed on the paints and the moment I set him down his fingers went right in. I have a strict no standing in the tub rule but the paints were a little high for him so I pushed them over the sides so he could easily reach. He loved rubbing his fingers through them and making lines and I used this opportunity to talk about the colours he was touching and I reached over and made shapes in the paints as well.

When bath time was over I wrapped Baby Z in a towel, pulled the plug and turned on the shower. The paints rinsed right off the side of the tub in a matter of seconds and the mess was cleaned. Baby Z really liked this activity and so did I so I think this might become a frequent activity in our home. I have some small squirt bottles lying around that I might fill up with paint to make it easier to place in the tub. All in all a great activity to make bath-time a little more fun.

Note: Always closely supervise children in the bathtub and ensure they do not ingest the tub paints.


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