Muffin Tin Sorting

Baby Z is 9 months old now and growing like a weed, both in body and in mind. I just love watching him make connections and figure things out, sometimes you can actually see it happening right in front of you. I remember the first time he realized the dog ate food off the floor – it didn’t take long before he starting dropping food off his highchair for her to eat up. I wanted to start doing some activities with him that would help build on these connections he’s making and when I found this post over at Gratefully Growing In Grace I thought it was perfect for Baby Z.


I grabbed our muffin tin (now that it’s out I think I might make some muffins…) and filled it with balls from our ball pit. Anytime I put something new on the floor Baby Z is immediately interested (his toys are boring I guess) so he crawled over right away and started removing the balls from the muffin tin. I used this opportunity to talk to him about colours and tried sorting them by colour so he could see the differences. He was great at taking them out but didn’t understand the concept of putting them back in. Then we tried different objects to see how they fit in the muffin tin, some wooden shapes proved to be the best items. He would take one out, drop it and watch it go back into one of the holes. By the end he actually was moving the objects from space to space – DH and I were so amazed at how quick he figured that out – babies truly are sponges. 

I kept bringing out the muffin tin throughout the evening and he continued playing with it so I think I might invest in one just for him. You can do so much with this as kids get older too. Number, colour, size, shape sorting – there are so many endless learning possibilities. Again this activity cost nothing, took no work to put together and was not only fun but educational.


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