Fabric Wipes Pull

Sorry for the hiatus – our laptop decided to stop working a few days ago so we bought a new one (and luckily we fixed the old one too). We also spent the weekend at our family cottage in Sylvan Lake which does not have internet  so there will be a few posts now to catch up on what we’ve been up to.

As I mentioned we decided to go away for the weekend and I of course left packing to the last minute. Friday morning Baby Z and I had a class at the library, then we went to pick up our new laptop, to the grocery store, to return something at ToysRUs and stop to get lunch. By the time we got home it was almost time to leave and I hadn’t packed or loaded the car and Baby Z was not happy to just play by himself. I needed an activity that kept him entertained, in one place and happy so I could run around the house and keep us on schedule. Luckily a few nights ago I had put together just the activity and I had been waiting for the right opportunity to use it.tissue pull collage blog

Baby Z loves pulling wipes out of the container but momma doesn’t let him because a) wipes are expensive and b) I don’t want him putting those chemicals in his mouth. So when I saw posts for a Fabric Wipes Pull I knew I was going to make it. All you will need is a container (wipes or tissue box will do) and some leftover squares of fabric. Cut the fabric into squares or rectangles (depending on your box) and then fold them so they will come out of the box one by one. I found this blog very helpful for folding the fabric just right. Once you are done you just need to put them into your empty box of tissues or wipes and pull one out of the top and you are done!

When I handed the container of fabric swatches to Baby Z he knew just what to do with them. I knew it wouldn’t take him long until he pulled them all out so I dashed around the house getting everything ready and in the truck. Luckily I had a second pile of fabric already folded so when he finished with the container I just inserted another pile and was able to get everything packed and ready to go. He was very focused on this activity and it really kept his attention for as long as there were pieces to pull although the second they ran out he was done with it.

Simple and free activity that required little work and keeps baby busy and entertained!

Note: There is a potential for babies to choke or wrap fabric around their necks so please be safe when doing this activity.


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