Sensory Bottles

Today’s activity was all around sensory play made easy and cheap. I have seen these discovery sensory bottles all over the web (and yes Pinterest too) and have been wanting to try them. I bought the plastic water bottles a week ago but  we never use them and it took us a while to drink the water. So this weekend we took the water bottles everywhere we went and finally drank all the water so I could use them.

First you will need said water bottles. I picked a pack of 6 up from Rexall on sale for $2.99 but I think there are cheaper places. Second you will need some items to put inside the bottles. There is no end to what you could use and you don’t need to buy a thing because there is bound to be something in your house that would work.

I made four different bottles. In the first I put some feathers, the second had colourful pom pom’s, the third was full of macaroni that I used food dye to colour and the fourth had blue water with foam ocean stickers on the outside.  I also added some glitter to a couple bottles because glitter just makes everything better!

discovery bittles

When I was finished, I sealed the lids tight and lined all of the bottles up on the ottoman and let baby Z discover them on his own. It was great because they were all different weights and made different noises when he shook them (or banged them on the floor). The glitter inside the blue water was mesmerizing for some time and then the foam stickers on the outside caught his attention. When he eventually got bored of them I took some feathers out of one and tickled his little toes and hands and his nose. I love using feathers because I can touch the feather to a body part and name it while he giggles and giggles.

I can use and reuse these bottles over and over and they also proved to be a good storage idea for my pom poms and feathers. All in all I would consider this activity another success.


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