Water Blob

I often find it difficult to do yard work when Baby Z is awake and our yard is in desperate need of some work, not to mention our flower beds. Baby Z and I did some plant shopping this week at Home Depot and while I was there I bought some heavy duty plastic sheeting so I could make him a water blob that I saw here. My goal was to create something fun and cool (it was supposed to be decently warm this week) to keep Baby Z entertained while I gardened and I was successful.

Let me first start by suggesting you have two people setting up this activity. I put it together myself and wished I had a second person many times.

To begin you will need to start by buying plastic sheeting, I got mine at Home Depot for $7.99 and you will also need Duct Tape and a garden hose. Start by unfolding the plastic sheet and fold it in half arranging it where you want it on your lawn (once it fills up with water it will be very difficult to move). There will only be two open sides and you need to tape both of them well, leaving a small opening in one corner for the hose to go in.  Then grab your garden hose and insert it in as far as you can put it and turn the water on. You could also add food colouring, foam letters or any number of other neat things for little ones to discover. Unfortunately baby Z woke up from his nap just as I started filling the blob and I didn’t get a chance to do anything else as I had to reinforce all the leaking spots (this was when I would have loved another set of hands). Once the water blob has enough water in it to become like a waterbed y0u can remove the hose and seal the corner.

water bob

Baby Z was attracted to the water blob right away and needed no coaxing to get him playing on it.  He loved crawling on it and even started giggling, I was so happy that this was a hit! I even took a break from gardening and got in on the fun jumping up and down on it – it was pretty cool. I left the water in it for tonight and if the weather is nice tomorrow it will be waiting for him to play with again. When we are done with it I will open up one end and drag it around the yard using it to water the grass and then I will fold up the plastic sheeting for another day! All in all, another success.


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