Tunnel Light Box

This afternoon baby Z and I visited his great-grandparents and while we were there his great-grandpa asked if we wanted the box from his wagon that he got for Christmas (from his grandparents). I have been wanting to make a tunnel light box for baby Z but haven’t had the right box and I happened to be driving DH’s truck today so it would easily fit – fate perhaps?

light box

So tonight after dinner while baby Z and DH were playing in the basement together I set out to put his box together. It probably took me a total of 5 minutes and was by far the easiest thing I’ve made for him. I opened up the box on both ends and removed the flaps. Then I grabbed a string of Christmas lights and pushed each light through the top of the box. Once I was finished I brought the box downstairs and plugged it in.

Baby Z loved playing in the box and he was really enthralled with the lights above him. DH and I each sat at different ends of the box and baby Z crawled from one end to the other and often couldn’t decide which way to go. This activity cost nothing, required almost no work and can be used over and over which makes it a great activity in my books.

Note: Make sure the lights you use do not heat up as they could burn little ones hands and also pose a fire risk with the cardboard.


2 thoughts on “Tunnel Light Box

  1. I like that all the materials were reused and everything you already had. Such a simple thing but that is usually what makes babies happy isn’t it – the simple things.

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