Pudding Paint

Growing up I loved messy play. I hated dresses and cute little hair bows. I didn’t throw tea parties or sit still and pretty like other little girls. When my peers were into dolls and ballet I had teenage mutant ninja turtles and played baseball. Fast forward to today and I love to put on a nice dress, do my hair, attend a fancy tea party and do girly things but I also still love getting dirty every so often.

So today, I had mom/baby aquasize in the morning, which meant baby Z had a good long nap afterwards (the best reason to go to the pool in my opinion). While he was happily napping I decided it was time for some messy play and so I started to prepare everything for Pudding Paint.

The directions for the pudding were to add 2 cups of cold milk to the mix but since we haven’t introduced cow’s milk to baby Z yet I thought adding 2c of baby formula would be a great idea. I have a number of free formula samples that I have received in the mail over the past few months so I quickly mixed it all together and then added natural food colours (I used these India Tree ones). Unfortunately using formula was not a great idea – the pudding never set, but I figured it would work anyway (next time I’ll try homo milk since I think baby Z will be fine with cow’s milk anyway).


Since it was raining outside today this had to be an indoor activity and even though I love messy play I don’t want my house to be messy. Last time we did finger paints baby Z wasn’t crawling, but now that he is mobile I knew he wasn’t going to sit still and put his fingers on the paper. I found a plastic tablecloth that was white on the bottom in our camping gear (perfect) and I laid it on the ground over his foam mats. Then I placed some paper on top and taped them to the tablecloth in hopes that some of the paint might actually end up on the paper. Then I placed all the paints (in plastic tupperware containers) on the mat (I spaced them apart so he would have to move) and waited for baby Z to wake up.


When he woke up I stripped him down to his diaper, prepared the kitchen sink for a bath (I knew one would be needed after this messy play activity) and placed him at the edge of the plastic. He didn’t miss a beat and I barely made it to the other side to capture the moment before he dove into the first bowl of pudding paint.


He stuck his hands in then dumped the paints all over himself and then tried to eat them of course (which is why we made edible paints).


Once the paints were dumped out of the containers baby Z enjoyed making designs on the plastic mat (and some of it even ended up on the paper too!). He crawled around to all the different paints until they had all been tasted and poured and then he just made a big old mess.


When we finished playing I gave baby Z a quick scrub down in the sink and then I took the tape off the painting masterpieces and laid them out to dry. For cleanup I put all the bowls in the dishwasher, picked the tablecloth up and hosed it off in the yard – so easy!


I really liked this activity however I think it would be even better done outside but if it’s raining, or snowing, or maybe too hot (rarely a problem here) then it can be done indoors with just a little prep!


3 thoughts on “Pudding Paint

  1. I wonder why the formula milk wouldn’t set but it doesn’t look like baby Z cared anyway – great ideas. Keep them coming, so glad I found your blog

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