Hair Gel Sensory Bag

I have been really wanting to do some sensory bags with baby Z so last week I popped into the dollar store and got some clear hair gel for $1.50 each (I’ve read the yellowish hair gel works as well). During one of Z’s naps I put the bags together, which required very little work on my end. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hair Gel
  • Food Colours
  • Ziplock Bags
  • Heavy Tape
  • Anything you want to put in the bags for baby to feel (nothing too sharp or it’ll pierce the bag)

Squeeze a fair amount of gel into each ziplock bag and add a few drops of food colouring. Close the bag and squish it around until all the colour has mixed into the gel and then add items to the bag. We used pom poms, magnetic plastic numbers, plastic sea creatures and foam dinosaurs for ours. Then when all the bags were filled I sealed them with duct tape so they wouldn’t leak out the top.

sensory bahs'

When it came time to play i simply placed the bags on the ground and let baby Z approach them at his will. He was very interested from the get go and seemed to really like the squishy feeling of the bags when he picked them up. Of course he put them in his mouth which actually seemed to be his favorite thing to do. It was neat watching him discover the item inside the bags and we even took them outside to play with too. In fact when we took a walk out to the mailbox I gave baby Z a sensory bag to play with in his stroller and he really enjoyed it again as if he had never played with it before. This wasn’t my favorite activity we have done but i do think we can get a lot of enjoyment out of these. I am wondering how he will react to the bags if I stick them in the freezer and then present them to him.

(Note: I used generic brand resealable bags but I think it would be better if done in freezer ziplock bags as these did have a tendency to need reinforcement as the day wore on).


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