Blue Spaghetti Fun

Since I didn’t get home until close to dinner time today I decided to make spaghetti as it’s one of those meals I can effortlessly put together with little work. When I threw the actual noodles into the pot I was reminded of a great sensory activity I had seen online a few nights ago using spaghetti noodles (you can see the blog here). So I threw some extra noodles into a pot of boiling water and finished making the rest of our dinner. Once we had all finished eating I took the leftover noodles, rinsed them out and added some blue food colouring to the mix. I rinsed the noodles off so the colour wouldn’t stain too badly and then I put them in baby Z’s pool.


As you can see he loved playing with the blue noodles and getting them in his hands and mouth. He didn’t really want to eat the noodles too much but certainly wanted to taste them. I loved watching him transfer the noodles from hand to hand, grab handfuls of them and individual pieces and just have good old fashioned messy fun. When we were done I gathered the noodles and tossed them out then took his pool outside and hosed it down and then baby Z had a bedtime bath – simple!

Messy play makes happy baby!


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