Kitchen Drums

It seems I am always buying baby Z new toys every time I’m at the mall or even late night browsing online and yet I ask myself why almost everyday. We could probably live in a toy store and baby Z would still find the one thing that wasn’t designed for him to play with. So, with that in mind I decided to make him a drum set out of pots and pans, which made him a very happy little man. It was super easy, free and he had a really good time.Image

You could do this with anything – coffee cans, tupperware, formula containers etc and simply add a wooden spoon or chopsticks or something to bang with. Baby Z loved hearing the different noises the various “drums” made and when he got bored of that he enjoyed turning the pots over and exploring them.


After we did this activity I saw a whole music set at toysrus on sale and it included a drum so of course I promptly picked one up for baby Z. Can you guess which drum set he likes more? Of course it’s the pots and pans version and again I shake my head at myself.


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