Greek Yogurt Dots

Baby Z and I spent the entire day outside the house which was great but by the time we got home Z was cranky and hungry and I hadn’t made his dinner yet. As I rushed around the house trying to make his dinner, feed the dog, answer the phone…typical mom stuff he did not wait patiently. Then I remembered I still had some frozen yogurt dots in the freezer and I plopped him in the highchair, placed a few on his tray and breathed a sigh of relief when he quieted down.

The recipe for these yogurt dots is super simple and wasn’t very time consuming at all. Plus I made them about 3 weeks ago and still have tons in the freezer that I can whip out whenever I need them. You can use any kind of yogurt to make these but I made them with a greek yogurt I found at Superstore specifically made for little ones (6 months +). It’s the same as regular Greek yogurt except it has the vitamin D added to it – which is a great plus. So here’s the recipe (errr…process):

  • Put yogurt in a ziplock bag
  • Add food coloring (I made my own food colouring using vegetables/spices but have been thinking about buying these all natural food colours. They are pretty pricey but the ingredients look decent)
  • Snip the corner of the bag and pipe them onto a lined cookie sheet (a small dot).
  • Set the cookie sheet in the freezer for 1 hr and voila – yogurt dots.

Once frozen I placed all my dots in a Tupperware container for future use and kept it stored in the freezer. Baby Z loved these and it also gave me the opportunity to talk about colours in two languages with him. I also love the convenience and healthiness of these dots.

greek yoogurt

Note: These yogurt dots melt pretty quickly so if you do choose to colour them make sure your kiddo doesn’t have a nice shirt on when eating them as it will get stained. I think I will make a batch of plain dots for those occasions when I don’t want baby Z to get dirty and we are in a rush.


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