Pool Noodle Ball Pit

I’m always looking for ways to make bath time extra fun and then I stumbled on this amazing website full of fun bathtub ideas…tons of them! I picked up a couple pool noodles for $2 at superstore (I’ve seen them for less at other stores) and hubby and I proceeded to cut them up into 1-2 inch pieces. We actually ended up making this a competition of who could cut theirs up quickest; to be fair DH had much sharper scissors!

ball pit

Then at bath time we grabbed an empty laundry basket (actually it wasn’t empty but let’s pretend I am actually up to date on laundry) and put all the pool noodle pieces in it. Then we filled up the tub with warm water and placed baby Z in the laundry basket. This ensured he and the noodles stayed in one place and most importantly baby Z was much safer (please note babies must still be 100% supervised even when in the laundry basket).  As you can see from the pictures, baby Z was very happy and they have actually become a regular part of bath time in our house. I think we will even be putting them in his pool this summer for added enjoyment (pretty good use of $4 I’d say). 946068_10152781184275032_1840856017_n


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