Coloured Ice Cube Play

Baby Z loves water. Anything that has to do with water means a good time in his book. Needless to say water has become a daily source of play in our house.

So last night we went out for dinner and then we came home and hubby tried to fix my car, which decided to stop working yesterday morning. Needless to say baby Z didn’t get to bed until much later than usual (oddly he wasn’t cranky). After he was all tucked away and sound asleep I started to think about what we would do the next day. After some quick googling I came across this great blog and the idea for colored ice cube play.  As I mentioned, baby Z loves water so I knew this would be a hit and it was so easy (I was feeling especially lazy).

I filled an ice cube tray with water and put a few drops of food coloring in each one, placed it in the freezer and then went to bed (I did say I was feeling particularly lazy).  Unfortunately the weather today was crappy so we ended up doing this inside, which just meant a simple towel under the bin for easy cleanup. Z hates cold water and shivers if it’s even a teeny bit on the lukewarm side so I filled up a little bin with fairly warm water, set him in front of it and added the coloured ice cubes.  Baby Z dove right in and tried to catch the quickly melting coloured ice cubes – they were slippery little things. He loved it, and I got lots of smiles from him and even some giggles, so this was a definite repeat activity.  I used this opportunity to talk to Z about colours, naming them each time he grabbed one.  We are trying to teach him English and Tagalog (Filipino) so I named the colours in both languages. Eventually the water changed colours and interestingly the red ones were his favorite at that point.  After all the ice cubes melted he enjoyed splashing around in the water (messy part) and then when he got bored I picked it all up, lifted the towel off the ground and voila – mess contained.

Coloured Ice Cubes

Note: Baby Z’s fingers did not get stained at all from the food colouring but mommas did when I took the ice cubes out of the tray. Not too hard to clean up, but you could pick them up with a rag or gloves or something to avoid this.


One thought on “Coloured Ice Cube Play

  1. Really? Your son is half Filipino? Is hard to believe from his skin so white. You family very lucky because he is so so cute, looks like movie star.

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